Franziska Iseli

Franziska Iseli is the founder of Oceanlovers. She is a lover of all things salty, mad adventurer, hopeless visionary and philanthropic entrepreneur. To see what she is up to these days, visit www.franziskaiseli.com

The ocean is the best medicine of all! I have always loved the ocean and growing up in Switzerland, I took every opportunity to be by the sea. Now I live by the ocean. I love surfing, swimming, diving… the ocean makes me smile all day. I founded Oceanlovers to reunite those thirsty for salty adventures, to celebrate the ocean and to make an impact.


Julia Brun

Julia Brun is head ambassador at Oceanlovers. From a very young age, Julia has been drawn to the magic powers of the ocean and her love for our planet makes her the perfect leader when it comes to ocean awareness! Julia is also a partner at the branding agency www.thebusinesshood.com






Jan Hermans

Hey my name is Jan, I’ve been travelling the world for over two years and I’m an Oceanlover. Since I was a little boy I was fascinated by the magic of the ocean. It gives us so much joy, fun and inner peace! We all should care more about the ocean and its environment so the generations after us can enjoy its beauty!



Heidi Widmer

I have always had a fascination and love for the ocean. I love everything to do with water, it makes me so happy to spend time and and around the sea. I am also a huge believer in taking care of our environment and educating our children to look after our planet.