The Vision

The purpose of the Oceanlovers DAO is to foster ocean conservation initiatives,
raise awareness, and promote sustainable practices for the preservation of our marine

Our aim is to be the social convening point for individuals, organisations and corporations
using decentralised technology to make a positive impact with a focus on ocean

We believe in harnessing the power of our community to protect and celebrate our

Our decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO)creates value for its members and
supports projects and initiatives chosen by our community.

Over three billion people depend on marine and coastal biodiversity for their livelihoods. Our goal is to safeguard both the ocean and the people who depend on it.

The Oceanlovers DAO is a group of conscious humans who care about the ocean

The Oceanlovers DAO Pillars


Our Oceanlovers community is a powerful voice for ocean conservation. We are catalysing action as a collective.

Gatherings of like-minded minds, exclusive events


We partner with organizations, scientists, and local communities all working towards ocean conservation.

Education & Awareness

A focus on educational programs and awareness campaigns to promote ocean conservation. Resources and initiatives are developed to educate the people and inspire action. We already have a kids education program run in multiple pre-schools and kindergartens around the world.

Oceanlovers DAO members benefits


Exclusive events for members

Being a part of the Oceanlovers DAO isn't just about conservation; it's about community. Members have the privilege of attending exclusive events and gatherings of like-minded people.


Voting rights on ocean conservation initiatives

Every voice in the Oceanlovers DAO matters. Members are bestowed with the right to vote on various ocean conservation initiatives. This democratic approach ensures that the direction of the DAO aligns with the collective will of its members, making impactful decisions that benefit our oceans.


Exclusive members merchandise

Pride and identity are integral to the Oceanlovers community. As a token of appreciation and belonging, members receive exclusive merchandise. Not only does this gear symbolize their commitment to ocean conservation, but it also serves as a conversation starter, spreading awareness about the DAO's mission.


Invites for fellow Oceanlovers

The Oceanlovers DAO believes in growing its community by inviting like-minded individuals who share the same passion for the ocean. Members have the unique opportunity to invite fellow Oceanlovers, expanding the community's reach and influence with the right people aligned with our values and purpose.


Oceanlovers coins

At the heart of the Oceanlovers DAO is the Oceanlovers coin, a digital currency designed to drive community participation and collectively generate value for ocean conservation projects. While anyone can purchase these coins, only DAO members have the privilege to earn them as rewards for their active participation. More than just a currency, Oceanlovers coins symbolize membership, granting holders voting rights on pivotal ocean conservation projects. They serve as a testament to the DAO's commitment to incentivizing and recognizing the efforts of its dedicated members.

Support and Funding for Ocean Projects

Do you have a project or initiative in need of funding that aligns with our vision to celebrate and protect our ocean? Here’s how you can apply for support:

1. Submit your proposal

Submissions are open twice per year.

2. The Oceanlovers DAO Community votes

on which projects get accepted.

3. Funding and mentoring

If accepted, you’ll receive funding and mentoring support from DAO members.

All significant decisions will be made through a democratic voting process. Each member will have voting rights based on their coin holdings in the DAO. Proposals can be submitted by any member and require a minimum threshold of votes to be approved.

10% from sales made by our sister company Oceanlovers Beachwear
Oceanlovers coins (50% of token purchases)
Corporate sponsors

DAO funding sources

There are multiple sources of funding for our projects:
Royalties from secondary sales of Oceanlovers coins
Annual Oceanlovers events
1% of sales from participating organisations – Through the 1% Oceanlovers Pledge

How to become an Oceanlovers DAO member

Membership is by application. If you share our vision, we invite you to join us.

These partnerships will be evaluated based on shared values and potential positive impact.

Oceanlovers DAO Code of Conduct

We strive to maintain an inclusive and respectful environment for all members of the Oceanlovers DAO community.
Treat all members with respect, regardless of their background, identity, or opinions.
Avoid offensive, discriminatory, or harassing behavior, including but not limited to language, imagery, or personal attacks.

Encourage open and transparent communication within the DAO community.
Share information, ideas, and concerns in a constructive and respectful manner.
Actively listen to others' perspectives and engage in thoughtful discussions.

Emphasize collaborative decision-making processes within the DAO.
Seek consensus whenever possible, allowing all members to contribute to the decision-making process.
Respect the decisions made collectively, even if you personally disagree.

Promote ethical and sustainable practices in all aspects of the DAO's activities.
Strive to protect and preserve the oceans and marine life through responsible actions.
Encourage the adoption of eco-friendly technologies and initiatives.

Address conflicts or disagreements in a constructive manner.
Attempt to resolve conflicts through open dialogue and mediation.
If necessary, involve designated moderators or mediators to help facilitate resolution.

Respect intellectual property rights and provide proper attribution when using others' work.
When contributing to projects or initiatives, clearly communicate licensing terms and expectations for intellectual property usage.

Take responsibility for your actions and their impact on the Oceanlovers DAO community.
Be accountable for fulfilling commitments made to the DAO and its members.
Encourage others to be accountable and hold each other to the shared standards of the community.

Comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where the Oceanlovers DAO operates.
Uphold the highest ethical standards and integrity in all interactions, including financial transactions and partnerships.
Communication channels
Join our Whatsapp Group
As a non-hierarchical organisation, everything we do relies on communicate participation and buy-in.
All members have the opportunity to get involved with the DAO’s governance, share their thoughts on existing projects, put forward and vote on new proposals for the DAO to support.

All financial transactions and spending by OceanLovers DAO will be transparent and accessible to the community.
Regular financial reports will be published, ensuring accountability and fostering trust among members.

These DAO rules can be amended through a voting process.
Members can propose changes, and a supermajority vote will be required for amendments to be approved.

In case of disputes or conflicts, OceanLovers DAO will follow a transparent and fair process for resolution.
Mediation or arbitration mechanisms may be implemented, prioritizing the best interests of the DAO and its members.