What’s kitesurfing got to do with running a business?

Learning to kite surf, much like running a business requires resilience, a willingness to ride the winds of change, and the tenacity to get back up after a face plant. 

It’s a blend of grace and grit, where every gust is an opportunity, and every swell a lesson. 

Every day we’re reminded that success, whether at sea or in the boardroom, is not just about the strength of the winds but the set of the sail. 

I got my first kitesurfing lessons on Necker Island with my dear friends Lisa Andrews, Bill Tai and the incredible ACTAI community. 

Lisa also showed me a few ‘tricks’ including how to get unintentionally airborne followed by a face plant on the sand, which was pretty funny! 

Last year, I took some kite surfing lessons while in Sardinia, where I assured my kitesurfing instructor that I could kite a bit.

Imagine his surprise (and mine!) when he whisked me away on a boat into the middle of the ocean, only to discover I was a total beginner. 

Mother Nature, in her playful wisdom, gave me a splashy reality check.

That’s what I love about the ocean– it’s like a wise old friend who knows exactly when to nudge your overconfidence back to shore and remind you to stay humble. Can’t wait for the next session! 

Here’s to harnessing the power of the elements, practising courage and doing it all gracefully. 

What’s your favourite way to practise courage? 

by Franziska Iseli