As the mountains fade into the distance, my tears slowly stop running down my cheeks.
I’m sitting on a plane back to Australia via Kuala Lumpur for a shoot after visiting Switzerland where I grew up, a place I still call home. Even though I haven’t lived there for over a decade, it always feels like I’ve never left.
I got to spend a lot of time with many of my childhood friends and it made me reflect on the preciousness of friendships.
Every single time I leave Switzerland, my eyes momentarily turn into waterfalls. It’s not because I miss the mountains, the lakes and the chocolate (although I do!), I miss the people, a lot!
Being a friend is an important role, just like being a father, a partner, a grandma, a brother or a daughter is. Friends are your family, your chosen family.
This post is for you!
Friends love you unconditionally, friends got your back.
Friends never leave you, friends let you go.
Friends influenced who you are, friends impact who you are becoming.
Friends stand up for you, friends count on you.
Friends understand you without talking, friends tell you what no one else dares to.
Friends dance with you, friends fight with you.
Friends laugh with you, friends cry with you.
Friends support you no matter how crazy your ideas, friends disagree with you.
Friends go the distance, friends may be distant.
Friends respect you, friends challenge you.
Friends know when not to talk, friends tell you off.
Friends lift you up, friends bring you back down.
Friends join you on all sorts of crazy adventures, friends leave you alone.
Friends encourage you when you are right, friends tell you when you are wrong.
Friends learn from you, friends teach you.
Friends celebrate you, friends drive you nuts.
Friends may live far away, but damn they are always close.
My dear friends, I love you across the highest mountains, the steepest valleys and the widest oceans. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. Thank you!